I have Moved!

May 22, 2008

I have finally moved… my subsequent posts would be at: http://a-blog-away.blogspot.com/


Thots of Migration

March 6, 2008

I was trying to put some codes into my wordpress account for some advertisment to appear. However, try as I may, it’s just not successful. Then I came across a reply to an FAQ which state that WordPress does not allow placing of advertisement in their site for free wordpress account. Unless we have our own domain. The feature is only available for those who upgrades to the custom CSS. 

Frustrated, I then tried to see if there’s anyway I could import my Wordpress account to Blogger. But all I found was the other way round, there’s a blogger importer to import the posts from blogger to wordpress but not vice versa.

Gosh, if anyone knew how to do it (either placing the ads in a free wordpress account, or to import wordpress to blogger), please let me know. Thanks a bunch. I don’t plan to purchase my own domain as of now, since I’m not a frequent blogger yet.  


All About Viruses

March 5, 2008

I’m finally back, after a long silence. It’s been a long recovery this time. Yes, I’m sick again (poor me) for the 3rd time during this pregnancy. Have been battling with a fever and a bad throat, which eventually turned into an iritating cough and a stuffy nose. But this time, I hardly took any medicine (except for the first day to get the fever down), which was also another reason why it took so long to recover.  

Maybe part of the reason was also because my daughter was sick too. I suspected that she passed the virus to me and hubby, and after she had recovered, we passsed it back to her. So, that’s why we’re sick one after another, like a merry-go-round, just that it’s not a tarry merry at all. But what troubled me the most was that my daughter suddenly got red spots all over her body, after her high fever (38.9’C) went off. The first thought that came to my mind was – is she having measles? But she’s had her MMR vacination a long time ago. If she’s really having measles, this would be really risky to the baby that I’m carrying now.

We took her to her paediatrician right away. He didn’t think that she’s having measles, but rather suspected Roseola instead. Roseola differs from measles in the sense that the fever goes down when the rashes occur, while for measles, the fever will increase. So, we were just given some allergy medication (Zirtex) and I’ve never given much thought to that. Even the paediatrician didn’t warn me to keep away from her, so I think it should be alright. He however, warned us that the rashes will become more and more in a few days time, which is another symptom of Roseola.

The following day, we noticed that instead of having red spots on her exposed area (face, necks, hands), they have spread to her whole body and legs. MIL suspected that it’s really measles. And my Mom was hysterical when she knew about it. She advised me to avoid contact with Sze Yi immediately. Well, for the past few days, I’ve been in close contact with her, except that I avoided sharing food and sleeping with her. Hubby took over and tucked her to bed (and she eventually showed preference for him over me now 😦 ).

Slowly everyone started to get worried and MIL took her back to stay with her so that she’ll not be in contact with me. And that’s when I started to google up these topics to find out how much a risk have I been exposed to. According to the sources, if it’s measles, then my baby might be affected if I got affected. If it’s Roseola, and if this is my first exposure to the virus, it might cause my baby’s immune system to be affected too, but if this is the 2nd or 3rd time, then I should be alright. Well, I knew I would be ok if it’s Roseola because Sze Yi had got this when she was 5 months old and hospitalized due to this (and I was with her in the hospital all the time), so at least this is not my first exposure to it. But what if it’s really measles? I was given the impression by my mom that even if I’m not affected this time, my baby might. Terrified, I called my gynae for consultation. She just asked me one question, “Have I got measles when I was small?”. I told her yes. Then she said I should be ok, it won’t affect the baby. And she went on to add that if it’s Roseola, I should be ok too, as the virus shouldn’t affect adults or pregnant ladies.

I was so relieved, but when I called back to check on Sze Yi’s conditions, MIL told me that even though her fever has gone down, the rashes marks were still there. The marks made her more certain that it’s German Measles. I still felt that it should be Roseola, so I called up my paediatrician to ask him. He also thought that it’s very unlikely to be measles, since her fever had gone down, and he suspected some virus instead. But when I asked him if this would affect me if I’m expecting, his reply was more on the conservative side – try to avoid contact if possible.

So, that’s why I have time to blog now. But I missed her terribly, and wished that I could be with her during this time. Anyway, hubby had gone to see and play with her,  and he told me she’s alright. I called her and tried to talk to her on the phone several times, but she always ran away and prefer to play instead! That’s my girl 🙂


Lil’ Sis

February 29, 2008

This year is going to be a very merry year. I have many friends who’re either expecting a baby or have just delivered. And I’ve heard many stories about how the elder child treat the younger one. Most, if not all, showed some sign of jealousy.

I’m not sure how Sze Yi would react later when the baby arrives. I’ve been reading on ways to prepare her for the 2nd one. When I found out that I’m pregnant, one of the first people that I told was Sze Yi. I told her that she’s going to be a big sister soon. At first, she didn’t show any sign that she understand me. But over time, as my belly was growing bigger and bigger, she seemed to be excited. And she knew baby’s in there. Everytime she sees me, she would say “baby”, and tries to pull up my blouse and point to my belly button. Sometimes I wonder if she thought the belly button is the baby, because she would want to touch that before saying baby. If I’m in a public place, I would not allow her to pull up my blouse. So she would end up crying. She would only be satisfied if she can see and touch my belly button everytime she wanted to touch or talk to baby. When we asked her to sayang the baby, she would kiss my tummy.

By the time she learned her first song, we asked her to sing to the baby. So, she’s been singing her favourite song, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star at my tummy (I wish I could record that down, as this is the first song that she could sing from start to end on her own, though some of the pronounciation was out a bit).  Well, something interesting happened here. One day, hubby tried to sing to the baby (you see, he’s not been communicating with the baby as frequent as when I was expecting Sze Yi, so he was feeling guilty about it). He started with one song (I forgot which one), but there’s no reaction at all. So, he switched to other songs, and still the same, no kicks. Then he started to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and guess what? The baby started to kick! So, it looks like she’s been listening to her sister singing all this while!

Recently, Sze Yi has started to massage for the baby, or rather my tummy. She would repeat the steps that I normally do on her to the baby (start with the eyebrows, then the eyes, gently pull her nose, make a smiley from her mouth, rub her ears, then hands, legs and back). But she only did the face portion with the baby. First, she would ask me to lie down. Then she starts by using her fingers as if shaping the baby’s eyebrows on my tummy, and then pull my belly button (as if pulling the baby’s nose. Hubby always asked me to stop her because sometimes she’s pulling a bit too hard!) and proceed with the smiley, etc. Well, she also used to massage for me, including my hands and legs as well, just like how I did to her.  I wish she would continue doing this when she’s bigger 🙂

I’ve also started to read her bedtime stories since Dec last year and she seemed to be enjoying it. It’s been a routine now, and she would request a certain story to be read. What turns out the most tiring thing is that she would want me to start over again when the story has finished. Well, at times, she would ask me or hubby to lie down and she started reading to us or the baby. Here’s how she would go, “Ali Baba,” turn to the next page: “Ali Baba,”, flip the page, “Ali Baba,” (repeating for every page until the last, and then followed by “The End”. And then she closed the book. She would expect a clap from us when she’s done.

Is she ready for the baby? Well, I’m not sure. There were also times when we told her that she needs to share her toys with the baby, and she would say “mai!”. I guess time will tell.

Sze Yi, baby and me


Pink or Blue?

January 12, 2008

Well, I finally know the gender of my second baby. Before I announce it here, let me pen down a comparison of my first and second pregnancy symptoms.   


My taste buds took a major switch this time from preferring salty and sweet food during my first pregnancy to the sour ones this round. I hardly ate any hokkien mee or curry mee, what’s more laksa during the first one, but this time, I took a lot. And this baby doesn’t seem to like ice-cream that much, compared to the first one. Also, I felt that I’m more of a meat eater this round compared to the first time where I would prefer vegetables.   

Belly shape 

Despite me starting to wear my maternity clothes a few weeks later this time, my belly shape is quite the same as last time, where I’m carrying high out front. 

Morning sickness 

Last time, I hardly vomited. The most, I would feel nauseous and felt like vomiting, but it did not come out. This time, however, I have vomited out more than I could keep track of. I even vomited in my working place’s car park. But most of the time, it normally happened when I was in the toilet. During both of my preggy times, I could not tolerate the toilet smell, but this time it was more serious. Even the sight of rubbish or a slight toilet stench nauseated me. But another common thing was that during both times, my morning sickness timeframes were about the same – they started when I was about to go into the 2nd trimester (Week 12) and diminished when I was entering Week 20.       


I hardly have any constipation this round compared to the last. And I’m much more tired this time too (maybe due to aging?). Imagine, I could doze off while halfway in a discussion with a colleague! I was thinking hard that time, and without me knowing it, I was already in dreamland 🙂 Complexion wise, I did have breakouts during my first 3 months for both pregnancies, but towards the 4th or 5th month, I would say that I hardly need to worry about it, in fact I could skip my facials too and still feeling great. As for my itchy skin, I started to feel itchiness around my back during my 3rd month (for my first pregnancy). Where as, during my second pregnancy, it only came about my 5th month, and I felt it most at the sides of my expanding belly.   

So, after reading this comparison, do you think I’m going to have a boy or a girl? My maternal instinct told me that I was going to have a boy last time but this round, I felt that I’m carrying a girl. Wanna know the answer? Drum roll please….. Well, the ultrasound scan showed 3 lines – and my ob told me that normally girls will have 3 lines while boys would have 2 lines. So, you know the answer already – yes. I’m going to have another princess J, whom I hope would be a great companion for little Sze Yi.


Our Little Peacemaker

December 29, 2007

I was having a small argument with hubby over a small matter last night. And much to my surprise, Sze Yi called me, “Mama”, and shook her head. I automatically understood her that she asked me not to argue anymore. So I said OK and kept quiet. 

Hubby was still driving then and didn’t see all this. Sze Yi was sitting on my lap at the back seat that time. So hubby continued with his lecture. And guess what our little angel said? She called “Dad Dad”. When hubby turned to look at her, she shook her head again. And immediately Daddy kept quiet too.

Not too long later, when we reached home, we found her asleep already! It’s amazing how a 2-year old toddler could understand things, ya?   

angel of peace



December 13, 2007

Barney or Elmo 

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A few weeks before Sze Yi’s birthday, I have been thinking either to get her a Barney or an Elmo birthday cake. And since I couldn’t decide so I asked her, “Sze Yi, do you want a Barney or an Elmo birthday cake?

She ignored me. I guessed she didn’t know what I was talking about. When her birthday was drawing nearer, I asked hubby’s opinion. Hubby referred that question to Sze Yi. And to our surprise, she answered, “Mimi”. We both knew that she meant Minnie.

Hubby and I tried asking her again, to really confirm if that was what she wanted because we didn’t give her that choice. We only said Barney or Elmo. And everytime we asked, the answer was the same. So, that’s it. Minnie then.

Hmm… if at two, she already knows what she wants for a birthday cake, imagine what birthday gift she’ll request in a few years time!


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